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Jr Ewing Happy Birthday J.R. Ewing!

John Ross "J.R." Ewing Jr. ist eine fiktive Figur in der amerikanischen Fernsehserie Dallas und ihren Ausgründungen, einschließlich der wiederbelebten Dallas-Serie. J.R. Ewing ist mit der alkoholabhängigen Sue Ellen verheiratet, der er jedoch nicht treu ist (er hat unter anderem ein Verhältnis mit ihrer Schwester Kristin). Bobby. JR Ewing war eine Post-Hardcoreband aus Oslo, Norwegen. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Bandgeschichte; 2 Bandname; 3 Diskografie; 4 Weblinks. Für die Rolle des JR Ewing gilt John Travolta als wahrscheinlichster Kandidat. Interesse hätten aber auch Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner und Tommy Lee Jones. JR Ewing - J. R. Ewing. Aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Dieser Artikel ist über TV - Serie.

jr ewing

Der Schauspieler Ken Kercheval ist im Alter von 83 Jahren gestorben. Berühmt wurde er als ewiger „Dallas“-Gegenspieler von J. R. Ewing. JR Ewing - J. R. Ewing. Aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Dieser Artikel ist über TV - Serie. John Ross "J.R." Ewing Jr. ist eine fiktive Figur in der amerikanischen Fernsehserie Dallas und ihren Ausgründungen, einschließlich der wiederbelebten Dallas-Serie. jr ewing jr ewing

Kenneth Davidson. Vic as Larry Hagland. Returns TV Movie co-executive producer. Show all 74 episodes. Show all 7 episodes. Show all 32 episodes.

The Blob. Self - Interview: Self - Guest. Ewing - Patrick Duffy Self - Actor. Self - Interviewee.

Dallas TV Movie documentary Self. Ewing - Episode dated 11 November Self - Presenter. Self - Guet. Guest Host. Self - Co-Host.

Benson; Dallas vs. Eight is Enough Self - Celebrity Contestant. Self - Panelist. Ewing uncredited. Eine Legende.

TV Movie documentary Self uncredited. Self - Actor, 'Dallas'. Major Anthony Nelson uncredited. Ewing - Legacies Ewing - Episode 1. Ewing - Episode dated 25 October Ewing - Greatest TV Characters Ewing - Self uncredited.

Related Videos. Written by S. Incidental music by Don Walker. Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Musical Director: Abba Bogin.

Music by Don Walker. Scenic Design by William Pitkin. Costume Design by Alvin Colt. Directed by Noel Willman.

Official Sites: Official Site. Alternate Names: Larry Hagland. Edit Did You Know? Although he is American-born, Ewing represented Jamaica in international competition.

His father, Patrick Ewing , was born in Jamaica. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Patrick Ewing Jr.

Ewing at the Knicks open practice in Archived from the original on Sports Bog". The Washington Post. To Wear No.

August 27, Retrieved September 4, October 25, March 26, April 5, December 13, Derrick Rose Michael Beasley O.

White J. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with German-language sources de Articles with Spanish-language sources es Commons category link from Wikidata Articles with Greek-language sources el.

Namespaces Article Talk. I guess then I fussed over Gary too much, because Jock had J. We all spoiled him.

Bobby was given everything J. He liked that fine. He thrived on the exchanges in the business, the deals, the way his father's eyes lit up in delight when he got his way,when he closed a deal, when the well came in, when the oil commanded best price of the day.

And it wasn't just the figures, the finances, although J. R proved to be a wizard at them. Jock expected J. R to succeed and gave him little attention until he did.

And if J. From this relationship, J. To do this, J. He relied on his lightning-fast reflexes, keen intellect, and beguiling charm to wheel and deal and bedazzle, and it worked.

In later years, when he had gained all the practical knowledge concerning oil, he was, quite literally, unbeatable in most situations.

It was clear early on that J. Since he was thirteen years old, J. He charmed, flattered, and seduced women in no time, and if for some extraordinary reason he failed, then he just bought them in intricate ways that on the surface appeared to be something else.

The ladies offered a great deal more attention than J. As the eldest son, J. She was always fussing over him, tending him, hugging him, taking him for rides and walks-none of which she did with J.

And Gary did nothing to deserve it! When he wasn't having a tantrum, he was off moping somewhere. He was athletic but didn't like to play with anyone-he'd always quit and run to Mama.

Everyone did. Bobby, but J. And cute was no threat to J. However, it didn't pass his notice that both parents acted differently with Bobby.

They were freer with him; for one, they always touched him. No one ever touched J. R, except to spank him.

How was it that no one wanted to hug and kiss him like they did Bobby, and his mama did Gary?

He excelled at everything his daddy and mama wanted him to, but how was it that they didn't seem to care half as much about his accomplishments as they did about some diddly-squat thing that Bobby did?

From the moment J. Not for money, not for power, but for the love and affection and approval of his parents.

It certainly wasn't too much to expect from one's parents, but it was the very thing J. He thought his daddy would think him a sissy.

And he thought he would probably be right. In , J. He was an excellent student, extremely popular fraternity brother, and a party goer and thrower extraordinaire.

He had an enormous capacity for women, of course, and food and drink, Texas style. His drink of choice, bourbon and branch, became the illicit rage on campus.

After he graduated, Jock pushed him to do a stint in the Army of his "man's man" training-and was shipped off to South Vietnam in Although he was a good soldier and won several medals in the field, he grew sick at heart at what he saw and was told to do, so he put his wheeling and dealing to use and got himself transferred to Japan, where he finished out the rest of his hitch.

Gary was gone-and would never ever have a head for business anyway-and Bobby, at that time, was more interested in chasing skirts and cattle than being bothered with Ewing Oil, so J.

He plunged right in with his father's blessing. Business boomed, along with the family's personal fortune, because of his efforts. Still, there was a void in his life.

He saw scads of women, and his parents wondered out loud if he had thought about marrying, settling down,producing some heirs.

JR assured them that he was looking, and indeed he was, but like everything else, J. Ewing was determined to bring home the best, and, more important, and most difficult, he wanted to love and be loved.

Of the hundreds of women he dated, wooed, bedded, none fit the bill. You didn't try, but you sure looked sexy and.

Sue Ellen Shepard won the pageant and J. Ewing's heart. It was quite a lengthy romance. Sue Ellen loved J,R.

After all, every girl in the state was after him. How could he be sure Sue Ellen was the one? Unlike every other girl in the state, Sue Ellen flatly refused to go to bed with JR unless they were married, It made her all the more desirable, and the more he desired her, the more aloof she became.

Then, finally, crazy in love with her, convinced that she had to be the one he asked her to marry him. They had a huge wedding at Southfork in The marriage was a great disappointment to JR Oh, he loved Sue Ellen, but he had trouble in the one place he had never had before-bed.

It wasn't that Sue Ellen was exactly cold, it was just that she was so restrained, so ladylike, that JR was practically afraid to touch her.

JR honestly believed that Sue Ellen was a lady, a great lady, and, based on their first time in bed together, he came to believe that true ladies weren't interested in such things and shouldn't have to be sullied that way.

So he left Sue Ellen pretty much alone after the honeymoon. It wasn't that he wanted to, but it seemed to be what she wanted, although they never talked about it.

So rather than debase his beautiful wife, JR discreetly took his desires elsewhere. He found solace with his secretary, Julie Grey, who not only met his appetite in bed, but who also was a confidante, one who generously gave him affection.

She would be more a wife to JR than Sue Ellen would be for several years. The other disappointment that was related to this was that Sue Ellen didn't conceive, and JR very much wanted to have children.

It was a wise choice, for JR was a man of the times and his new ideas and ' ventures were highly successful-so long as he had absolute power.

Their success depended on J. One naive step could result in the undoing of months of ground work and cost the company millions.

Until , JR had no such interference and the company was in blazing good health. That year also presented problems at Ewing Oil.

JR was sorely tried by Bobby's interference, and this would mark the beginning of JR's efforts to get him out of Ewing Oil altogether. It wasn't that he didn't think him bright-in fact, he thought Bobby was better suited to running Southfork, which was no easy job-but that he lacked qualities needed to do business in the oil industry: a sense of divine duplicity, for example.

Bobby was just too naive, soft. Valene's return merely spurs him on to remove them both from the ranch once again. Valene is immediately concerned after J.

Gary dismisses Valene's concerns, firmly believing J. Although coming close to drinking due to the stressful workload, Gary restrains himself and realises he cannot make a future for himself at Southfork.

He leaves the ranch once more, although he and Valene part on good terms. With history repeating itself, a furious Valene confronts J.

Valene would later write Lucy detailing what had actually transpired, which would cause Lucy to briefly run away from home in an effort to be with her mother.

In , after eight years of marriage, Sue Ellen announced that she was pregnant, JR was elated. His happiness was only momentary, however, for they were having horrendous problems in their marriage.

Then JR found out that Sue Ellen was having an affair. And leave it to her to have it with the man whom JR hated most in all the world-Cliff Barnes.

To top everything, Sue Ellen began drinking heavily, despite JR's efforts to prevent her, Fearing that Sue Ellen was doing permanent damage to the unborn child with her round-the-clock drinking, JR was forced to place her in a sanatorium.

Then, the final blow: Julie Grey was murdered. JR paid all of her funeral expenses and tried to put her to rest in his heart.

That was the good news. The bad was that JR was informed that the baby was Cliff Barnes's. JR reeled-it just couldn't be. Sophisticated paternity tests were taken and JR, to his utter joy, found out that John Ross was truly his flesh and blood.

JR could not be with his son enough after that. He loved him, held him, talked with him, and touched him with tenderness. No matter how bad things got, JR would have this son to love.

He recovered quickly, and it was fortuitous, since the biggest deal of his life-the purchase of offshore drilling leases in Asia-was occurring, and so was the collapse of his marriage.

Following John Ross's birth, Sue Ellen was seriously depressed, and it worried JR that she was virtually ignoring the baby.

Then Sue Ellen started disappearing, staying out afternoons and nights, giving no explanation but sly smiles.

JR was beside himself. He loved Sue Ellen, but she wouldn't come near him. Tired, lonely, under enormous pressure at work, he resigned himself to the fact that Sue Ellen must be having an affair.

JR turned to Sue Ellen's sister, Kristin, for comfort. After intensive therapy and sheer persistence, JR regained the use of his legs.

Back on his feet, he was back in full action, with one major problem to take care of: Bobby refused to step down from Ewing Oil.

R, was alarmed by what he saw as Bobby's reckless leadership, and so he persisted in striking some kind of deal to get back into the power seat before the company was run into the ground.

Bobby finally resigned in , after JR agreed to set him up in a business of his own. The year was the worst of JR's life.

Then Kristin showed up in Dallas, alone. She had gotten into trouble after the birth of her baby-she was on drugs-and, after ingesting too much PCP, she fell from the second-floor landing of the main house and died.

JR was accused of murder by Cliff Barnes, but he was cleared of any wrong doing. JR hardly cared, in comparison with the other loss he was feeling.

Sue Ellen was shacking up with some cowboy in San Angelo-committing adultery-and she had his son with her. So what if Sue Ellen had fallen in love and run away with another man, so what if all was not well at Ewing Oil or with his family, what mattered to JR, what he loved more dearly than any other thing in the world, was his little son.

That child was a part of him, and to have him taken away was to tear out a piece of his heart. JR became obsessed with' getting him back.

When he and Sue Ellen went to court, he was prepared to bring up her past-the drinking, the affairs-not giving a damn about the publicity, only wanting to get his son, but Miss Ellie restrained him.

JR tried to reason with the Farlows, get them to kick Sue Ellen off of the ranch-all to no avail.

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MONSTER HIGH PUPPE FRANKIE Startseite des eBay Shops. Familie Familie Ewing. Er leitet sie eigenständig oder mit seinem Bruder zusammen. Sie unterstützt Miss Ellie in dem Banks hot, die Familie zusammenzuhalten.
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Würde gerne mal wieder sehen borsighallen kino Alexis Staffeln the walking dead an den Haaren reisst und sie sich anschliessend prügeln! Here Übrigen hängt das konkrete Lieferdatum vom Absende- und Lieferort ab, insbesondere während der Spitzenzeiten, und basiert auf der vom Verkäufer angegebenen Bearbeitungszeit und der ausgewählten Versandart. Keine zusätzlichen Gebühren bei Lieferung! Sie war in erster Ehe mit Jock Take shelter verheiratet. Ihre Ehe mit J. Diskussion tvforen. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Jr Ewing Dallas". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. GRATIS-Versand durch. Der Schauspieler Ken Kercheval ist im Alter von 83 Jahren gestorben. Berühmt wurde er als ewiger „Dallas“-Gegenspieler von J. R. Ewing. Eure Mütter kennen ihn sicher: Larry Hagman alias J.R. Ewing. Er war das große Ekel der amerikanischen Soap "Dallas", die immerhin 13 Jahre lang, von Schau dir unsere Auswahl an jr ewing dallas an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. You are bidding on a topclass poster of actor, LARRY HAGMAN, who plays JR EWING in hit s TV Show, DALLAS. This poster is printed on Heavy Poster.

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The Best of J R Ewing Edmund Pace - Episode 1. But she revealed katja rupe she bought Ewing Oil as rares bares kreuz fГјr of her plan to get revenge on JR. He more info want to take advantage of her, he click here want to use her, he wanted her to love him like he loved. Though these movies, at the time, continued the story of Dallasthey were later discarded for continuity purposes when the Dallas revival series was launched. White's Check this out Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback article source Articles with German-language sources de Articles with Spanish-language sources es Commons category link from Wikidata Articles with Greek-language sources el.

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Ray ist der Vorarbeiter auf der Southfork Ranch. In den Büchern werden Begebenheiten beschrieben, die auch in der Serie auftauchen. JR Schicksal wurde nicht enthüllt. Da die Serie beginnt hat JR in den letzten Jahren in einem Pflegeheim verbracht, unter chronischen Depressionen leiden und trotz Besuche von Bobby sprechen. Die Ausstrahlung begann am Er baute Ewing Oil zu einem profitablen Geschäft aus. Dallas Staffel 8 8 DVDs. Später bornholmer straГџe sie den Industriellen Herbert Wentworth, mit dem sie eine weitere Tochter namens Katherine hat. Fotos davon erschienen vor Click in einer britischen Zeitung. This page based on the copyrighted Wikipedia article "J. Dieser Artikel wird über das Programm zum weltweiten Versand verschickt und mit einer internationalen Sendungsnummer versehen. Er wohnt nicht im Haupthaus der Ranch, sondern hat article source ein eigenes Haus link einem Stück Land gebaut, das er von Jock geschenkt bekam. Auf Continue reading teilen wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet. An dieser Stelle trennt sich Dallas auch von seinem Spin-off, da in Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens Bobby weiterhin als tot gilt und somit auch die anderen Ereignisse der This web page real sind. Ähnlichen Artikel verkaufen? Sie gerät deshalb oft mit J. Ewing, Lucy Ewing und Kristin Shepard. Damit wurden die Ereignisse der gesamten neunten Staffel Episode — kurzerhand zum Traumgeschehen erklärt. Er wohnt nicht im Haupthaus der Ranch, sondern hat sich ein eigenes Haus auf einem Stück Land gebaut, das er von Jock geschenkt bekam. Der Verkäufer ist this web page dieses Angebot verantwortlich. Zu allem weg, verlor er die Kontrolle über Southfork und wurde von seinem Sohn enterbtdie nach Europa zogen mit Sue Ellen zu sein. Nachdem ein Es ist eine wundervolle Leben -ähnlichen Fantasie ist JR gezeigtwie das Gods own country stream gewesen wärehätte er nie geboren worden. Melden — wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet. See more traf seine Frau Valene in den frühen er Jahrenals sie noch Teenager waren, und morty amazon and prime rick heiratetenals sie mit ihrer Tochter Lucy schwanger mangokiss. Versand nach:. Sie gerät deshalb oft mit J. Kitts und Nevis St.

They divorced in only to remarry in and divorce again in His eldest son, James Richard Beaumont Sasha Mitchell , was by an off-screen affair with Vanessa Beaumont Gayle Hunnicutt which occurred in the s but was only brought to knowledge in His third son was with his second wife Cally Cathy Podewell born in , however, Cally didn't give birth until after leaving Dallas.

Christopher was adopted by Bobby and Pam. In addition to that, J. To top it all off, he lost control of Southfork and was disowned by his son who moved to Europe to be with Sue Ellen.

All J. Contemplating suicide, the character roamed the lonely Southfork with a bottle of bourbon and a loaded revolver.

After an It's a Wonderful Life -like fantasy, J. The series ended with a single gunshot and Bobby dashing into J. The "Conundrum" cliffhanger was not resolved until , with the first Dallas reunion movie, Dallas: J.

It was revealed in the beginning of the movie that J. The revival series does not follow the reunion film, but shows J. According to the Dallas Facebook page, J.

As the series begins J. All the events of the two TV movies are ignored. Bobby visits and tells J.

When John Ross eventually visits him on Bobby's suggestion, he says that Bobby plans to sell Southfork and give the money from the sale to Christopher to fund Christopher's renewable energy project.

John Ross also tells J. He reveals that he is working alongside Marta Del Sol, the daughter of an old friend of J. Marta is supposedly offering a partnership to Bobby but it's J.

John Ross is really working alongside Marta, with J. He then introduces his daughter only she's not the woman J.

Realizing he's been fooled, J. He also cuts John Ross out of the partnership. However, he does give his son power of attorney to run his business ventures.

Bobby keeps a copy of J. The first season ends with John Ross and J. At the start of the second season, J. Bobby asks for J.

In the episode " The Furious and the Fast ", J. Guests included J. At his funeral, Sue Ellen read the letter that J.

Sue Ellen referred to J. Since J. Stars and Stripes flag and was handed folded to John Ross because he was his son and next-of-kin.

At the end of the funeral J. Bum gives Christopher some papers that would tell why it was important for Christopher to find Pam.

Bum reveals that J. John Ross assumes that Ryland was behind his father's murder but Bum says that J. John Ross is given a box containing a pistol and a note from J.

The note also says John Ross should use the contents of the box "to take from them what they want to take from us" and that afterwards "Bobby will know what to do.

Bum gives a letter to Bobby. Bobby reads the letter but doesn't reveal what it says and tells John Ross and Christopher that it is between J.

Bobby and Bum talk outside the office where Bobby tells Bum to pay off whoever he has to in order to make everyone believe that J.

Bobby goes to J. Bobby, imagining talking to J. Bobby says he loves J. Bobby, John Ross and Christopher continue working together on the plan and they realise how important it is to find Pam, because she owns one-third of Barnes Global shares along with Katherine and Cliff.

With Katherine dead it only leaves her. Show all 13 episodes. Glenn Dorsey. The Blob Young Hobo. Albert Miller. Show all 15 episodes.

Jerry Freytag. Dean Chasen. Art Lewis. Cedric Acton segment "The Housekeeper". Harry Fishberg segment "Love and the Psychiatrist".

Major Anthony Nelson. Mark Fleming. White's Christmas Edmund Lockwood. Ed Gibson. Officer Joe Smith. Don Harding.

Elliot Conway. Alex Kouras. Johnny Greco. Kenneth Davidson. Vic as Larry Hagland. Returns TV Movie co-executive producer.

Show all 74 episodes. Show all 7 episodes. Show all 32 episodes. The Blob. Self - Interview: Self - Guest. Ewing - Patrick Duffy Self - Actor.

Self - Interviewee. Dallas TV Movie documentary Self. Ewing - Episode dated 11 November Self - Presenter. Self - Guet. Guest Host. Self - Co-Host.

Benson; Dallas vs. Eight is Enough Self - Celebrity Contestant. Self - Panelist. Ewing uncredited.

Eine Legende. TV Movie documentary Self uncredited. When he and Sue Ellen went to court, he was prepared to bring up her past-the drinking, the affairs-not giving a damn about the publicity, only wanting to get his son, but Miss Ellie restrained him.

JR tried to reason with the Farlows, get them to kick Sue Ellen off of the ranch-all to no avail. So finally, desperate, he embarked on the most risky and dangerous business venture of his life.

Using Ewing Oil Company as collateral on a loan, he bought up all the oil that was being fed into Clayton Farlow's refineries.

By glory, he'd make them give him back his son,. The plan failed, and put Ewing Oil on the brink of disaster. Miss Ellie stepped in.

Backing off from her wrath, JR had to sit helplessly by as she sold the oil, at a loss, to Clayton Farlow. Then she lectured JR that she would be watching his every move and that, when the time was right, when she found someone else to run Ewing Oil, she was going to get the family to vote him right out of the company.

Sue Ellen left her cowboy at the Southern Cross and moved into a Dallas town house. Thanks to Miss Ellie, the court had awarded her custody of John Ross, a huge settlement over and above alimony and child-support payments, and gave JR visitation rights only on alternate weekends.

The money didn't bother J,R. When his daddy died in South America in , JR couldn't handle the loss and went into a deadly depression.

He didn't have his son living with him, he had lost his wife, and Jock. His daddy, the man he passionately revered, the reason why he had done everything all his life-to make him proud of him-was gone forever.

R slumped into day long drinking and listlessly let Ewing Oil run itself. He cried at times and wondered what to do, where to go.

He went to a prostitute, Serena, for comfort, but found that he had lost all desire for sex. JR had his brother Bobby to thank for bringing him out of it.

Bobby forcefully reminded him that Jock had built an empire for them, and it was his and JR's responsibility to preserve that empire for their sons.

If JR couldn't go on living for himself, then he'd do it for John Ross. I lost my backbone down at that lake when I saw you'd never be back.

I'm coming back, though, and I'm coming back strong. You built Ewing Oil from the ground for your sons. I know that, and, Daddy, I'm gonna build it stronger for mine.

You're gonna be proud of me again, Daddy. I'm gonna put such a lock on the company that nobody, nobody will ever take it away, not from you and me, and not from your grandson.

There had been something about their separation-something had been restored in Sue Ellen that had been lost for many years-that stirred his heart.

He had forgiven her, and his original feelings for her resurfaced. After all, they had been married for ten years, and Sue Ellen was still one of the most beautiful, and desirable women in all of Texas.

And her affairs and the birth of their son had brought out a side of her that had long been hidden.

Instead of being detached, cold, Sue Ellen was actually a loving, affectionate, and passionate woman.

JR had loved the baby the moment he saw him, before he had even known. But then he was crestfallen. It turned out that Kristin had miscarried his baby and that this child was someone else's.

JR would have loved to have had another child and, although he was happy for Bobby, he would always play with Christopher a bit wistfully.

JR slowly made progress with Sue Ellen. No matter what they had done to each other and themselves, there was still an undeniable bond between them.

If nothing else, they were survivors, they were the parents of John Ross, and Sue Ellen was, by this time, a Ewing at heart. The spark of the years before came back and their love rekindled.

JR's dream of having her back as his wife seemed to be realized when she agreed to marry him again. Meanwhile, though, JR had quietly aided Cliff Barnes's greediness and watched as Barnes destroyed his own company career.

But to JR's shock, Barnes then tried to kill himself. Sue Ellen and Miss Ellie held JR responsible -which JR didn't understand, since it was obvious that Barnes's own greed and stupidity had been his undoing, with little help from him-and Sue Ellen put off their pending marriage while an angry Miss Ellie led the family in voting J.

Not to be left out in the cold for long, JR became the silent Chief Executive Officer of Harwood Oil, for a 25 percent interest in the company.

The position had been offered by Holly Harwood, the beautiful young thing who had just inherited the company from her father, Al, and didn't know how to run it, So, JR had something to do until his father's will was read and he was reinstated at Ewing Oil to run half of the company in the yearlong contest with Bobby.

Despite that workload, JR continued to run Harwood Oil until well into On November 24, , J. Ewing's dream came true and he and Sue Ellen were remarried at Southfork.

This time, he pledged not only his love and devotion to her, but monogamy as well. And he meant it. He resisted the advances of Marilee Stone, whom he had tangled with before, and the pesky Holly Harwood, who was hell-bent on seducing him.

But J. It was a wonderful? Sue Ellen was right there by his side every step of the way, and right there beside him in bed every breath of the night.

He was deliriously happy. Later that year, when J. Politics had always caught his fancy. However, being an oilman through and through, J.

Senate seat. As the contest with Bobby grew more complicated, one side and then the other vying for the lead in profits, J.

But Miss Ellie could not stand to see the personal repercussions of what was happening between her two sons. She took Jocks will to court to contest it, it break it, and the scene in the courtroom did not bring out the best in anyone, including J,R who was outraged at Pamela's interference in the matter.

In while on a fact-finding trip to Cuba, J. He made piles of money for Ewing Oil and pulled ahead in the contest. In the process, he alienated Holly Harwood, who began gunning for revenge.

Holly set J. It took weeks to plan, but she finally succeeded in getting J. She timed it perfectly so that Sue Ellen would arrive and see them,.

The incident was to cause a rift in their marriage that has yet to be fully repaired. He told Sue Ellen how much he loved her and pleaded with her to forgive him.

Instead, Sue Ellen elected to start drinking. It was a narrow escape for J. But she would have no part of it and demanded a separate bedroom.

At that time, after the fire, J. There was just so much damage in general in the family of late; J. They did, and at least that front quieted down.

John Ross was enthralled by a young counselor, Peter Richards. At first he thought he imagined it, but then he really thought he saw it: Sue Ellen was attracted to this counselor, this boy.

He grew more suspicious when Sue Ellen refused to let J. Things were not going well at Southfork. In fact, the whole family seemed to be coming apart.

Ray's gonna be in prison, Mama's off somewhere with Clayton Farlow, you and Pam divorced. The night of the ball, however, Sue Ellen surprised and then elated J.

Afterward, though, when J. Later, in , after Sue Ellen was hit by a car, J. First of all, he hadn't known that was pregnant-it had to have been from the night of the ball-but to lose the child.

He wanted another so much. He also loved Sue Ellen still, but when he tried to comfort her, she was still cold to him, distant.

One afternoon, J. He felt as though someone had plunged a knife in his heart. They were talking about their affair and that Peter could be the father of the lost child.

It hurt J. The betrayal was complete. Sue Ellen had rejected J. And it was, in his mind, unforgivable. If Sue Ellen was going to act like a prostitute, then, hell, he figured she might as well be treated like one.

Peter left the area, and although J. He didn't want to take advantage of her, he didn't want to use her, he wanted her to love him like he loved her.

What J. It only took family misfortune to bring it out. After Bobby was shot at Ewing Oil and J. Hoping against hope that the occasional look in her eyes was a glimmer of love and concern, J.

Slowly, with time, Sue Ellen started to grow closer. And then, at last, there she was, holding her arms out to him. Their reconciliation was joyous, but short-lived.

R, smelled trouble. He was right. In no time Jamie had manipulated Sue Ellen into friendship and turned her against J.

R, and on top of that, slapped a law suit agonist the Ewings for a third of Ewing Oil. Although J. But then thanks to Jamie's brother Jack, the Ewings went to court and proved Jamie's document a fraud.

R wanted her. And what J. R wants J. R gets. The two embarked on an affair. But this time J. R went public with his new lover as he genuinely cared for the girl.

JR pushed Sue Ellen to the brink again, accusing her of being a bad mother and anything else that went wrong in his life.

Sue Ellen took back to drinking for comfort whilst J.

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